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Appliance Installation

Buy what you love. Let us install it with care.

Getting a new dishwasher? Installing a washing machine? Newburgh Plumbing & Heating can help. We provide flood-stop valves, single-handled hot and cold shutoff valves for laundry applications, drain connection, dryer installation, and dryer venting. Say goodbye to the laundromat and hello to the convenience of doing your laundry from the comfort of your home.

With the burgeoning re-birth of the City of Newburgh, all that modernity has to offer is in high demand. Filtered water feeding the door of your new refrigerator and icebox, quiet, incredibly efficient dishwashers, and more involved single through triple chamber water filtration is handled expertly and strictly to Code by Newburgh Plumbing & Heating.

Never let a big-box store sell you their so-called “installation” of a refrigerator or other appliance, or worse yet, a gas stove. There is a reason that we Master Plumbers carry the licenses and insurances we do. These connections were not meant to be executed by the guys that deliver your appliance. These installations are required to be done by a Licensed Plumbing Corporation in the City of Newburgh.

Service Request

    Please allow for up to 48 hours for a response, although it’s usually much less. For immediate service, please call the office at 845-234-4525.