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John L. Wood

Master Plumber and CEO of Newburgh Plumbing & Heating

A Master Plumber with passion, dedication and vision

John has been a plumber since 15 years old. He stopped getting screamed at by the Master Plumbers he worked with as an apprentice around 17 due to finally paying a little bit of attention, and took hold of the craft of plumbing with a passion. The work is difficult technical requiring constant continuing education and knowledge of Plumbing Code updates, and physically demanding.

At around 17 years old, John began running his own truck for a service company in Boston, Massachusetts. By 19 he had incorporated Hub Plumbing & Mechanical, which continues in New York City and now Newburgh Plumbing & Heating serving the City of Newburgh, Beacon, and Poughkeepsie.

Given the chance, John always opts to pay homage to the way plumbing used to be installed: heavy cast iron pipe and fittings with lead and oakum joints, soldered and brazed copper water and heat lines, and rolled steel pipe for gas and radiators. However, things have certainly changed since his apprenticeship. With the advent of PEX tubing for domestic water, PVC for drainage, and the high-efficiency (and extremely light to carry) equipment, the art of plumbing arguably has become less of an art, more of a service. That does not stop John from using modern materials to code while still crafting the installation as they would have in the old days. Straight pipes, properly supported, plumb, level, and even…these are the benchmarks of a good plumber which John is proud of.

John is a member of the Newburgh Rowing Club, proudly rowing the Hudson at the crack of dawn, and is a recent appointee to the City of Newburgh Board of Examiners of Plumbers and Gasfitters. In this capacity, John is involved with the decision-making process on Code changes and things of that nature. John is also a longtime member of Out Professionals situated in New York City, a long-time LGBT networking and business advocacy group for the community.

In his free time, John is a traveler. He speaks, reads, and writes in several languages, many of them Asian. He’s an avid reader, and a weight-lifting enthusiast. Now a permanent resident of Newburgh, John hopes to help in the local government in any way that he can, and is in the process of starting an education program for high-schoolers that want an alternative to college as a means to earn an honest and professional living.

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