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The Finest Plumbing Service in Newburgh

Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes, and… plumbing issues! Even with the newest systems and the most high-tech materials, plumbing leaks and drain clogs are inevitable. We offer comprehensive solutions to leaky and broken valves, runny toilets, drippy faucets, slow drains, sewer clogs, and more.

Nobody plumbs like we do!

Newburgh Plumbing & Heating is the very best plumbing service in the Newburgh-Beacon-Poughkeepsie area. Here’s why:

We offer flat-rate, zero anxiety pricing. No turning the egg-timer to watch us work and then worrying about trips to the supply house or parts being back-ordered. Also, no gimmicks like service plans, discount clubs, coupons, or any such nonsense. We respond to the call, quote the work that you need and only the work that you need, and try in most cases to give options for repair or replacement; a decision that you will be able to make yourself. However, in some cases
(i.e., a rotted out or corroded pipe or broken fixture) the up front price will remain no matter what the conditions.

We are experts at making vintage plumbing fixtures live their longest lives.  And when they don’t, we provide design and consulting au gratis on the job to ensure that we can source a replacement fixture that works with your system.

Service Above and Beyond Expectations

In most cases, we aim to exceed the City of Newburgh Plumbing Code, ensuring that you have a repair or installation in your home that last decades. We offer faucet, sink, shower, and toilet installation as well as anything having to do with kitchens (garbage disposals, water filtration systems, and refrigerator ice-maker lines and dishwasher connections).

For the work that we are not licensed to do like electrical, we have a close team of City of Newburgh Licensed Subcontractors that we can call in at a moment’s notice.

Service Request

    Please allow for up to 48 hours for a response, although it’s usually much less. For immediate service, please call the office at 845-234-4525.