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Everything old needs new again

When you finally make the decision to breathe new life into an old place, we can help with the design of your kitchen or bathroom. Newburgh Plumbing & Heating has a litany of fixtures that we are completely familiar with and recommend according to your specific needs; for example, what kind of shower valve, faucet, sink, toilet, or even tile to purchase for your particular situation — more often than not, no two are the same. We will advise what will work best longterm, and what is the more cost-effective approach to others’ assessments of the same situation.

We can handle as many or as few aspects of your remodel as you desire. If you want to be completely hands off we can coordinate demolition and debris removal, delivery of fixtures and building materials, and generally contract the whole job. If you’re more hands on and want us just to handle the plumbing, rough inspections with the City, and finish/trim/fixture installation, we are delighted to do that as well.

Whatever we touch is always strictly to Code, secured properly to the structure with zero mistakes or failures of inspections.

Service Request

    Please allow for up to 48 hours for a response, although it’s usually much less. For immediate service, please call the office at 845-234-4525.