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Flower Beardo

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Flower Beardo

Beardo’s that good guy who laughs at everything, himself especially. He’s manly enough to have a beard made of flowers, so he pulls whomever he wants. Yeah, that guy.


Tee shirt and hoodies from XYZ, in soft XYZ pre-shrunk cotton, XYZ printing process. The design is created with Newburgh P&H’s signature technique that digitally replicates a Pop Art silk-screen look.

The Newburgh P&H Collage Series is a seasonal line. We’ll keep the ones that are popular, make digital pulp out of those that aren’t, or just get on our nerves after a while.

Details in the image reveal the character’s story. We leave it to you to make anything up when people invariably say, “Wow, that’s an interesting image. Where did you…?” Just remember our names. Giving the URL would be nice, too.

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